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Ginger-Beet Salad Bowls

This was the perfect "non-recipe" for this time of year.  Pandemic included.  Dorie's recipe basically consists of a deliciously tweaked vinaigrette  over a bowl of roasted veggies, grains and yogurt.  In this instance, beets. And quinoa. All spring and summer we have been enjoying salads and roasting  veggies to add on top or eat along side. It has been an efficient way to  stock the fridge for quick, healthy meals of "whatever is on hand"  (perfect with the limited trips to the grocery store).   My husband is a huge fans of beets but I will admit that I rarely  make them - as the staining terrifies me. But a "Dorie recipe" is  always a special event ....and beets he got. And loved.  I was especially fond of that vinaigrette with the honey and  harissa and will absolutely using it on other salads this season.  Thank you all for the incredibly beautiful posts you honored my Mother,  Chez Nana, with for our last recipe. She picked well by wanting  us …

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