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Shrimp Tacos

Game.  Changer.  Gorgeous, delicious fresh ingredients... but I went
into this recipe with no expectation of liking the results.  I am embarrassingly juvenile selective about seafood.  I like only certain types prepared in certain ways.  In fact, I wasn't even sure I was going to try the results, but I knew my
guys would love these and wolf them right down. Mexican food to me  involves beef and pork, and until this week I’ve had no reason to change.  The colors, textures and aroma of the prepped ingredients got  the better of my curiosity - thankfully. The contrast of the fresh peach,  heat from the peppers, richness of the sauce and texture of the salsa  came together into one big YUM.  There was a bit of prep time getting the salsa ingredients chopped and  the fresh quacamole. Luckily my mom and I prepared this for a family  dinner (code for we planned for the guys to eat it....). The joint effort  made light work of the prep, and of course it was great fun ! It was love at fir…

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