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Chickpea Tahini Salad

By the title alone...I guessed we would enjoy this dish.

Reading through the recipe details, especially the wet ingredients and spices  used as composed to dressing, it all sounded delicious. But this didn't  prepare for the reactions we all had when taste testing.
Boy, was this good.   Really, really delicious.  The balance between the crunchy chickpeas (garbanzo beans),  onions, bell pepper and the dressing was fabulous.
I had read a Food52 article about this cookbook  where someone described this dish as
" unassuming recipe....and I found myself eating it  directly out of the container with the fridge door wide open".  Yup.  They nailed it.
My Mom made the recipe first and when my husband and I stopped by,  she offered us a taste. We each went in slow with our spoons but soon,  with eyes wide, it became a "oh man is this good" moment.   Needless to say, we had more than one spoonful in our taste testing.  And I could not wait to make it at home.

This p…

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