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Triple Layer Parsnip & Cranberry Cake

This cake was exactly what 2020 needed. I won't lie, it has been a tough year and we were going into Thanksgiving  with a holiday which would look like no other Turkey Day before.  With less folks and less fanfare, I didn't really need to create a  celebration of a cake like this one - albeit it was this week's selection  for the cooking group "Cook the book Fridays".  While it may appear tone deaf with the chaos around us to focus on a cake,  participating in the online blogging group, getting a sweet comment from  delightful Dorie herself, keeping the routine of blogging and posting  when all of the rest of routines seem upended, and of course thinking of  my mother as I search for an offset spatula and find that I now have  hers....makes this much more to me than simply baking a cake. And for that I am very, very THANKFUL. Another treat from this recipe is the add on for the sugared cranberries.  Seriously, these were a revelation in my house. Simple syrup and

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