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Maple Syrup & Mustard Brussels Sprouts

And Bacon. Don't forget the bacon.

This week's recipe for our cooking group involves brussels sprouts  and many of my favorite ingredients - mustard, shallots, bacon, garlic  and maple syrup.  Since I have long been a fan of brussels sprouts,  I knew I would love the results before I even started.   But I am happy to confirm my suspicions. 
We visit Vermont frequently and I have a stash of very special (to me)  local maple syrup and thick cob smoked bacon I source from there.  (If you're up in the Killington/Okemo area skiing, you'll want to take a detour  to the "Wallingford Meat Locker" for their delicious smoked meats - kielbasa,  bacon, you name it. My mother and I secured many a AMFT ingredient from  this spot as we cooked through the last book - great memories !)
 Doris's recipe has us combining the mustard with the maple syrup to create  a glaze that finishes off the dish. And what a finish.  It was a delicious new twist.  And one that I will be tr…

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